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Pilonidal Disease Management By Laser

  Pilonidal disease is a reaction to hair growth in the gluteal cleft, better known in layman's terms as the "butt crack".  In some individuals, men more than women in this case, the stiffer hairs actually injure the ...

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Laser Hair Removal: Never Shave Again

Many of us, regardless of our gender, have unwanted hair in various parts of the body where hair really should not be.  Most of us are fine with the hair on top of our heads, but not on the back, under the arms, or other places you can probably ...

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What You Need To Know Before Laser Hair Removal

Other than Botox injections, laser hair removal remains our most popular procedure here at Maine Laser Skin Care at both our Augusta and Scarborough locations.  Men and women both tend to have hair in areas of their bodies that should not have hair, ...

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