Laser Hair Removal: Never Shave Again

Many of us, regardless of our gender, have unwanted hair in various parts of the body where hair really should not be.  Most of us are fine with the hair on top of our heads, but not on the back, under the arms, or other places you can probably extrapolate yourself.
Many of us have tried to control these pesky hairs over the years by shaving, waxing, or plucking.  Unfortunately, these hair-removal methods can be painful, time-consuming, repetitive, and expensive over the long term.
Even more importantly, these practices do not remove hair permanently.  Once you spend all that time, money, and energy (not to mention nerves) getting rid of that unsightful hair, it eventually grows back.
Laser hair removal is the best permanent answer to the problem of unsightly and unwanted hair.  It is also the safest and most effective way to remove hair for the long term.
This technology removes hair by targeting the roots below the surface of the skin. The laser beam is attracted to the density of color in the root.
The heat caused by the laser hitting the root will kill any hair in its active growth rate, which is when it is most sensitive.  Once you target and execute the root of the hair, it is highly unlikely to grow back ever again.
We at Maine Laser Skin Care have been performing this laser hair removal procedure since our inception in 2003, making us the most experienced providers of this service in the entire state of Maine.  This is definitely a technology where experience and the state of the laser machinery counts.
Once treated, our clients and patients see 95-99%  of their unwanted hair gone virtually forever.  The small percentage (1-5%) of recurring hair in the future usually appears as a result of hormonal changes such as pregnancy, menopause, or hormone-based contraceptives.
As only 10-15% of hairs in any area of the body are in the active growth at a time, multiple treatments, each spaced about a month apart, are needed.  However, over 90% of our clients had hair removal to their satisfaction after 8-10 treatments.
All laser hair removal involves some mild discomfort depending on the area treated.  Most of our patients commonly describe the feeling of the laser beam hitting the skin as similar to a rubber band snap.  At Maine Laser Skin Care, we also provide complimentary numbing creams following the procedure, which make the experience far more gentle and tolerable.
Additionally, we have compared our pricing to national laser hair removal chains that charge a low entry price, but add more surcharges every month for 2-3 years.  Our research has consistently found that laser hair removal at Maine Laser Skin Care is significantly more cost effective than our national competitors.
Gentle, safe, effective, permanent hair removal by the most experienced providers is available as close as your nearest Maine Laser Skin Care office, either in Augusta at 12 Shuman Ave-Suite 7 (207-873-2158) or in Scarborough at 438 US Route 1 (207-303-0125).  Call either one of our offices today for a free and confidential consultation.
We always tell clients that we have treated virtually every part of the body with laser hair removal except the scalp (everyone wants to keep that hair).  We have methods to stimulate hair growth there, but that is a subject for another email or blog post.