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The Hands of Time

Although our faces are the area to which many of us pay the most attention from an aesthetic point of view, the hands are receiving more attention of late when it comes to all of our efforts to look younger and healthier.  Our hands, like our faces,

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What You Need To Know Before Laser Hair Removal

Other than Botox injections, laser hair removal remains our most popular procedure here at Maine Laser Skin Care at both our Augusta and Scarborough locations.  Men and women both tend to have hair in areas of their bodies that should not have hair, a

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Good-For-Nothing Skin Tags

What is a skin tag? Skin tags are basically areas of excess skin that form on the stalk. Skin tags usually develop around areas of loose skin such as the neckline, under the arms, in the groin area, and under the breasts (for men and women). Nobody

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