A Revolutionary  Body Contouring SystemCoolSculpting® Non-Surgical ~ Non-InvasiveFreeze Away Fat!

A Revolutionary Body Contouring System
CoolSculpting® Non-Surgical ~ Non-Invasive
Freeze Away Fat!

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting® uses targeted cooling to internally freeze the targeted area and treat the underlying fatty tissue. Using CoolSculpting®, the treated fat cells are crystalized (frozen), and then die. The fat cells that are treated with CoolSculpting® are thought to be completely destroyed (permanent). The reduction in fat should be long-lasting if a healthy diet and lifestyle is maintained without significant weight gain.

Maine Laser Skin Care is a leading provider of CoolSculpting in the state of Maine! CoolSculpting at Maine Laser Skin Care is the most popular and commonly requested treatment. This non-invasive procedure targets unwanted belly fat, love handles, double chins and other "pinchable" areas of fat. CoolSculpting - The COOLEST way to FREEZE unwanted FAT!

NEW CoolSculpting Elite is available in all Maine Laser Skin Care Offices!

What is a NEW CoolSculpting Elite?

NEW CoolSculpting Elite is Allergan's most advanced non-invasive fat reduction technology and the one and only treatment FDA-cleared to eliminate fat in 9 different areas of the body.

The new system features:

  • Better designed and shaped applicators to better fit your natural curves.
  • CoolSculpting Elite applicators have up to an 18% larger cooling area than the previous generation of CoolSculpting applicators.
  • Two applicators on your treatment area to freeze twice the fat- saving you time.
  • Better reward program - more points for CoolSculpting in Allie rewards.
  • NEW CoolSculpting Elite is the most advanced CoolSculpting technology available yet to help you reduce stubborn fat and achieve your body contouring goals.

  • Maine Laser Skin Care is in the first 100 of all practices nationwide using Allergan products, including Botox, Juvederm, CoolSculpting Elite and CoolTone.

    Call Maine Laser Skin Care today to schedule your complimentary CoolSculpting Elite consultation and ask about CoolSculpting deals!

    The advantages of CoolSculpting

  • Easy way to target stubborn fat
  • No surgeon's knife
  • No anesthesia required
  • No discomfort
  • No downtime
  • No scarring
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