fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen, become less active over time.

The resulting loss of the skin's foundation causes the formation of a type of facial lines called static wrinkles. These form even without muscle movement, and can appear very sharp and deep, especially in the lower face.

Dermal fillers were developed specifically to treat static lines by literally filling in for depleted natural collagen. The fillers we use at Maine Laser Skin Care are based on hyaluronic acid (HA), which is the main chemical component of collagen. Injecting HA into the dermal layer underneath and around static lines results in a natural-appearing smoothing and softening of these harsh lines.

Since HA is so chemically similar to collagen, allergic reaction is extremely rare. In fact, HA integrates itself with your collagen very smoothly. Due to its hydrophilic (Greek for "water-loving") properties, HA attracts tissue fluid to its location resulting in a plumping effect that enhances the smoothing of lines.

Fillers cost much less than surgery, are minimally invasive, and have minimal risks. The next question is: What's right for you?

What is Juvederm®?

What is Juvederm®?

Juvederm® is an injectable, hyaluronic acid (the main chemical component of collagen) based gel used as a dermal filler to correct and smooth facial wrinkles and lines. Juvederm® is offered in several varieties, depending on the thickness of the gel. Juvederm® ULTRA is the least concentrated form and is used for injections into and around the lips, as well as for more shallow wrinkles that do not require large amounts of volume.

Juvederm® ULTRA PLUS is the more concentrated version, and is used especially for the nasolabial folds (a.k.a. "parentheses lines") that radiate from the nose to around the mouth. Juvederm® ULTRA PLUS is also used for deeper lower facial lines below the mouth (a.k.a. "marionette lines").

Treatments with Juvederm®

At Maine Laser Skin Care, the trained members of our staff can administer Juvederm® for a variety of cosmetic treatments. The most common application is in the nasolabial folds. In some cases, Juvederm® will be recommended for treating areas such as the marionette lines and lips.

Juvederm® is the ONLY hyaluronic, FDA-approved acid filler to last up to one year.

* Individual results may vary.

What to Expect During Your Visit

Dr. Burke or one of our aestheticians will first identify the areas for correction. An advantage to the Juvederm® procedure is that it enhances one's appearance with a minimal amount of pain. Juvederm® is combined with lidocaine to improve comfort during treatment. Although pain is minimal, for treating wrinkles and shaping facial contours, patients will also have a topical anesthetic applied one half hour prior to the procedure.

Using a fine needle, Juvederm® is injected beneath the skin to a specific depth. Below the dermis, Juvederm® binds with water and the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in your body. Volume in the skin is thereby increased to fill out age-related wrinkles and folds.

After the injection, the treated area may feel fuller than normal. This will subside quickly as you adjust to the results. During the first 24 hours, you should avoid sun or heat exposure. You should also refrain from rigorous exercise or alcohol consumption. If you experience any swelling, we will give you an ice pack to apply after your treatment for a short period of time.

How long will the results last?

Although the results vary, most patients can expect the correction to last 6 to 12 months. Your body will slowly break down the hyaluronic acid and clear it away. Ask Dr. Burke when you should return for a touch-up Juvederm® treatment.

Are you a good candidate for Juvederm®? Call Maine Laser Skin Care in Augusta at (207) 873-2158, or in Scarborough at (207) 303-0125, and schedule an appointment to find out.

We are happy to explain the different options to you during a FREE consultation.
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Save Money With Botox® & Juvederm®

Brilliant Distinctions Program

Maine Laser Skin Care offers to make you look and feel younger. However, there is still some hesitancy among some of my patients to undergo certain treatments, particularly Botox® and Juvederm®. The main reason some are reluctant to try these two products in particular is not because of the fear of negative long-term results or undesirable side effects, but because they believe these procedures are too expensive.

Such concerns are understandable during these times. Fortunately, Allergan, the company that makes Botox® and Juvederm®, wants to save you money just as much as I do, which is why they have created the Brilliant Distinctions Consumer Loyalty Program.

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