What You Need To Know Before Laser Hair Removal

Other than Botox injections, laser hair removal remains our most popular procedure here at Maine Laser Skin Care at both our Augusta and Scarborough locations.  Men and women both tend to have hair in areas of their bodies that should not have hair, and shaving and waxing is only a temporary, not to mention an often painful, solution to the problem.

Despite its popularity and a wealth of information available on removing unwanted hair permanently by way of laser, we still get lots of questions about this treatment.  I thought I would compile a number of these most-commonly-asked inquiries for this blog post:

How Long Is a Laser Treatment for Hair Removal?

The amount of time one laser hair removal treatment takes can vary depending on the area of the body that is being treated.   Removing hair from the upper lip takes only a few minutes, while wider areas of the body such as the back and the legs take as much as thirty minutes each.  For comfort reasons, we generally try to limit the total laser time to 30 minutes per procedure if possible.

Is Laser Hair Removal Effective Anywhere on the Body?

Yes.  I frequently tell anyone who asks this question that I have performed laser hair removal on literally every part of the body except the top of the head.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painless?

No, but the pain involved is generally well-controlled when using a combination of numbing cream and application of a cold compress to the area immediately after a treatment.  Most patients tell us that the pain is less than that experienced with electrolysis, tattoos or waxing the same area.

The first treatment is generally the most uncomfortable because of a combination of the amount of hair that needs to be removed and a patient’s general anxiety.  Rest assured, each subsequent treatment is progressively less painful.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The laser beam targets the color within the hair, especially in the root where the color is most concentrated.  When the laser light is absorbed by the targeted spot, a burst of heat will damage the root if it is in its growth phase.

After the root is “killed”, the shaft will fall out on its own.  Then, that hair will be gone permanently.

Why Do I Have to Come Back for Multiple Laser Hair Treatments?

Laser hair removal is only effective when the hair is in its active growth phase, and only 10-15% of hairs are in that phase on any particular day.  Therefore, to treat a specific area such as the chin, multiple sessions are needed to remove the majority of the hair in that area.  Laser hair removal is universally regarded as the most effective method to permanently eliminate unwanted hair.

How Popular is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal grows in popularity every year.  Over 1 million laser hair removal procedures were performed in the US last year alone, and this year’s number is already on track to exceed last year’s total.

Will Laser Hair Removal Help with My Ingrown Hairs?

Laser hair treatments are particularly effective in dealing with ingrown hairs whether from shaving or plucking.  The most common areas for ingrown hairs are in the lower neck area in men and the underarms and bikini area in women.  By eliminating the hair roots, the laser treatments prevent the hair shafts from building up under the skin, thereby causing bumps, irritations and infections.

Will My Laser Hair Treatments Be Cost Effective and Worth It?

Despite the cost of the individual laser sessions, laser hair removal has been found to be cost effective compared to simpler methods such as shaving and waxing.  The lifetime cost of waxing the face and bikini areas alone can be more than $25,000, and that amount is not even counting the time spent having the repeat treatments done over and over again.  With the laser hair removal, your final outcome will be permanent hair removal in the treated area.

If you have any other questions about this procedure that has liberated many people, especially women, from the embarrassment of facial and other area hair growth, feel free to call us at (207) 873-2158 in Augusta, or (207) 303-0125 in Scarborough to ask.  You may also schedule a free and confidential consultation with our highly trained staff, who are constantly working to “beautify Maine one face at a time.”