Laser Treatments

We are pleased to offer the following procedures using state-of-the-art Lyra & Aura laser systems:

Our Lyra and Aura Lasers penetrate the skin to different depths. The choice of one or both lasers for a procedure is determined after a consultation with Dr. Burke about the conditions requiring treatment.

The laser light penetrates the skin, keeping it intact, until it reaches its target, for example, the collagen layer, a hair follicle or blood vessel. Once the laser energy reaches its target, it is immediately absorbed.

At this point the energy turns into heat and stimulates the collagen layer or destroys the target hair follicle, capillary or vein without harming the surrounding tissue. It then takes a period of time for the hair or blood vessel to dissipate into the body or for the stimulated collagen cells to reach the surficial layer of the skin and renew its appearance.