Why You Should Be Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a very popular procedure that has appeared in news media frequently of late.  Our skilled aestheticians perform it in both Augusta and Scarborough.

Here at Maine Laser Skin Care, our patients and customers have been asking us lots of questions about Dermaplaning.  We want to address these questions in depth here.

Basically, Dermaplaning is a technique that uses physical exfoliation to remove the top layer of dead skin cells as well as any vellus hair (also known as "peach fuzz") with a surgical blade. This procedure is almost always performed by aestheticians who have specific training and expertise in this technique.

When the aestheticians apply the scalpel blade to the skin, they can vary the pressure to result in an exfoliation of dead skin cells without affecting the normal living cells under the surface. The best thing about dermaplaning is that is relatively quick, painless, and shows instant results.  Additionally, there is virtually no downtime.

Following a Dermaplaning session, your skin feels very soft and smooth, as the rough dead skin layer has been removed by the scalpel technique.  The smoothing affects of Dermaplaning are not permanent, but can last from 2 to 4 weeks before the buildup of dead skin cells and peach fuzz returns.

Another beneficial factor is that with all of dead skin buildup removed, as well as peachfuzz facial hair, make-up goes on much more smoothly.  A dirty secret of TV and film production is that many actresses will have Dermaplaning done immediately before having their makeup put on, especially when preparing for a camera close-up.

As noted, the Dermaplaning procedure is relatively simple. Step one is cleaning the skin thoroughly to remove any excess oils, residue, or make-up on the skin.

The next step is the aesthetician using a scalpel blade and applying it evenly with firm pressure to the skin in short strokes.  This technique removes the dead skin cells and vellus hair without damaging the underlying skin finally.

Also, since the dead skin cells are removed, the underlying skin absorbs skin products more easily.  Hyaluronic acid solutions and peptides can more easily be applied to the skin to enhance the effect of the Dermaplaning process.

Dermaplaning is a great and easy procedure with immediate positive results and virtually no downside. Call our trained aestheticians to schedule your introductory dermaplaning session.

As always, you can reach us either at (207) 873-2158 in Augusta, or at (207) 303-0125 in Scarborough. Your skin will thank you for it.