Vampire FaceLift

Dr. Burke Explains the Vampire FaceLift

Dr. Burke himself takes you through the step by step process about how he administers the Vampire FaceLift to patients like you.

Accept No Vampire Substitutes

In 2018, news broke about an organization in New Mexico who exposed their clients to infectious diseases such as Hepatitis and HIV using what they claimed to be a Vampire FaceLift. In the following video, Dr. Burke explains why you can trust Maine Laser Skin Care with any Vampire under eye procedures, and why certain organizations are authorized to use Vampire treatments over others.

Use Your Blood To Rejuvenate Your Face . . .

Use Your Blood To Rejuvenate Your Face . . .

During the Vampire Facelift procedure, a person's own serum derived from his or her own blood is reinjected into his or her face to stimulate improved skin tone, texture, and volume.

In the case of the Vampire Facelift, a dermal filler in the form of Juvederm is combined with platelet rich plasma (PRP) to correct the shape of the face and improve skin texture. In addition, the PRP eye treatment improves skin tone and color by stimulating new and healthy blood vessels below the skin.

PRP eye treatments also enhances skin appearance by stimulating collagen production. Because collagen acts like a mattress for your skin, having new collagen injected into your skin is like getting a new mattress for your bed and replacing that old worn and saggy mattress.

Dr. Burke, as your aesthetic doctor, uses the Juvederm filler to actually sculpt the face into a natural and beautiful shape. Meanwhile, the PRP eye treatment will further enhance the sculpting effect by improving the color, texture, and shape of the face over time.

Dr. Burke, having been trained in the Vampire Facelift and other Vampire under eye procedures by Dr. Runels himself, is at the forefront of the continuing research in this area. Only those doctors who have trained with Dr Runels personally are allowed to use the trademarked term, Vampire Facelift.