Winter Is Peak Time To Fight Your Double Chin

The “double chin” is the common term for the appearance of a collection of fat below the chin.  In medical terms, it is known as submental fat.

It is difficult to deal with this pocket of fat even by the usual methods of diet and exercise.  In the past, surgical removal by liposuction was the only true solution.

Fortunately, new technologies make removal of the “double chin” appearance less invasive.  For moderate to severe fat under the chin, we here at Maine Laser Skin Care generally recommend Coolsculpting Elite, which freezes the targeted fat and allows the body to remove the damaged fat cells.

For smaller amounts of “double chin” fat, a prescription medication called Kybella can be injected into the area.  Kybella is the brand name for deoxycholic acid, which essentially melts fat from a solid to a liquid when it comes into contact with fat cells.

This chemical transformation signals to the body that fat cells have been damaged.  Once the body receives this signal, your body will begin to reabsorb the altered fat.

Like Coolsculpting Elite freezes fat, Kybella permanently removes damaged fat cells.  Even if you were to gain weight in the future, fat would not be able to return to that area because fat cells have been eliminated there.

The Kybella procedure does involve the application of topical numbing cream, followed by a temporary template that indicates the precise points to be injected.  As injections are performed, the patient will experience a warming sensation, which is the Kybella medication starting almost immediately to melt the “double chin” fat and releasing heat in the process.

Following the series of injections and a thorough cleaning of the area, we apply cold compresses that will reduce the heat effects of the treatment.  Usually, the heat sensation lasts for several hours and the cold compresses can be used effectively for this.

The injected area will be red and swollen for several days and up to a week after treatment.  The firm texture of the fat will change into a liquid and more movable texture for an additional week or so.

In addition to the redness and swelling, there may be some bruising and numbness, which is also temporary.  Your body will begin to remove the liquified fat and damaged fat cells over the next several weeks with the full results of the treatment notable in the four to six weeks after the initial treatment.  Although there is definitely some downtime with Kybella, it is very effective for smaller but still aggravating amounts of “double chin” fat.

Winter is a popular time for Kybella treatment in both of our offices in Augusta and Scarborough.  Judicious use of turtle necks and scarfs can hide the initial redness and swelling while your body does its work removing the under chin fat and resculpting the area.

As one of the busiest aesthetic medical practices in the state of Maine, Maine Laser Skin Care has a great deal of experience in Kybella and all other methods of helping you look better and achieving your aesthetic goals.  Feel free to call us either at (207) 873-2158 in Augusta, or at (207) 303-0125 in Scarborough to book your free and confidential consultation and explore eliminating your “double chin” fat for good!