3 Reasons Why Maine Laser Skin Care Chooses Botox

It is hard to believe, but Botox has now been FDA-approved for over 20 years.  The founder of Maine Laser Skin Care, John Burke MD, has been a certified provider of Botox for 20 years, and was one of the first professionals ever to be certified as a Botox injector in the state of Maine.

Even though Botox use is commonplace now, its initial use was revolutionary.  It was the first product ever of its type to be approved for aesthetic or cosmetic purposes.

After all this time since its first approval, Botox Cosmetic remains the number one best selling medication of its kind in the US.  It is also approved for use in 96 other countries.

Plus, Botox is the only neurotoxin that the FDA approved for use on 3 areas of the face including the scowl lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. Despite new competition over the past years from newer medications in this category, Maine Laser Skin Care continues to use Botox at its preferred neurotoxin for the following reasons:

  1. Botox is well known and trusted.  Botox is one of the few medications or treatments for which people call and specifically request by name.  Even patients new to Botox are confident that Botox will help them because friends and family members have had great results with this treatment.  Year after year, market research studies show a 97% satisfaction rate with Botox therapies.
  2. Botox has been researched thoroughly over the last 20 years, and ongoing scientific studies report a very high clinical proof of success.  Botox is definitely the most studied neurotoxin by a mile with more than 500 published peer reviewed studies to confirm its effectiveness and safety.  Also, new uses for Botox are being found every year such as the approvals for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), migraines, and TMJ.
  3. The results of Botox are very predictable and reliable.  Although the dose of Botox can vary from patient to patient depending on the strength of various facial muscles, once we find the dosage that works for a particular individual, any adjustments we make are usually minor.

For these reasons and many others, Maine Laser Skin Care uses Botox with confidence and expertise.  Dr Burke has personally trained each of our providers, and has ongoing medical education to maintain and broaden their skills with this versatile treatment.

If you are curious about Botox and if you want to know if it is the right treatment for you, call for a free consultation with the one of the top providers of Botox in New England and Maine, Maine Laser Skin Care.  Call either (207) 873-2158 in Augusta, or (207) 303-0125 in Scarborough to begin your Botox and wrinkle-free journey.