Skin Care's Biggest New Trend

Recent advances in aesthetic technology have combined two treatments for collagen stimulation, which are radiofrequency energy and microneedling, into one powerful tool. The result, radiofrequency microneedling, has the excellent ability to tighten skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve facial scars of any kind.

At Maine Laser Skin Care, we have used the SecretRF by Cutera as our RF microneedling device at both offices in Augusta and Scarborough for several years with high satisfaction rates.  We have also observed SecretRF's additional benefits of decreased pore size and improved jawline sculpted appearance.

The usual protocol is to perform 3 sessions, each of which should be one month apart.  After the first treatment, we assess early improvement and make adjustments in terms of number of microneedles, depth of penetration, and amount of RF energy used.

On the day of each treatment, clients will be pre-treated with a numbing cream for 30-60 minutes before the procedure.  We will then remove the numbing cream and cleanse the skin with alcohol.  After we apply a peptide cream, the treatment then begins.

The RF microneedling tip will be moved across the treated skin in a stamping-type motion to cover the entire area.  Passes will be repeated multiple times with adjustments made in needle depth and energy level.

Despite the numbing cream, there will unfortunately be some level of discomfort, especially over bony areas.  Most who have undergone this treatment say that the discomfort is not fun but not unbearable, averaging roughly 3-4 on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being most painful).

As the procedure rolls on (no pun intended), the treated skin will appear red like a sunburn with occasional areas of pinpoint bleeding. The whole treatment itself lasts about 15-20 minutes, and there is generally no residual pain afterwards. We also apply more peptide to the treated skin at the end as well.

The day after the SecretRF, the skin will still look redder than normal but less red than the day before. Two days after the treatment, the skin will look almost back to normal with a slight rough sandpaper-like texture.  Normal skincare and moisturizing can then resume.

Aftercare involves not washing the treated area for 4 hours after the treatment. Also, no make-up should be applied to that same area for the next several days, and only gentle cleansing is recommended.

The remainder of the effects of the procedure will begin to work under the skin surface with gradual tightening and remodeling of skin tissues.  The improvements will continue over the course of the 3 months of the treatment protocol and for 3 months after.

The benefits of this treatment that you can actually see will be maintained for at least a year, assuming one continues good preventive skin care.  The procedure can be repeated on a yearly basis to maintain improvement on an ongoing basis.

Many magazines and media outlets have called Radiofrequency microneedling “skin care’s biggest new trend,” although we at Maine Laser Skin Care have been using this technology for several years. Call us either at (207) 873-2158 in Augusta or (207) 303-0125 in Scarborough to catch this trend and look better and younger.