Safety First - Do Not Try This at Home


First and foremost, we here at Maine Laser Skin Care and Medi-Spa consider safety to be our number-one priority when we perform aesthetic medical procedures to improve your skin and its appearance.  Therefore, we were particularly disturbed when we had seen recent articles highlighting a trend in the United Kingdom which has resulted in great harm to many consumers.

As you know, you can learn how to do many skills by watching YouTube and other online videos.  I learned how to change the water filter on my home refrigerator by this method.  In fact, the company website directed me to do exactly that.

YouTube is also valuable in educating consumers about various medical procedures.  Many patients come to our offices telling us that they have seen videos of Botox and filler injections, and feel comfortable proceeding with these treatments.

As noted above, however, there are some people in the UK who have used social media videos to try to save money by injecting themselves at home with material they have also purchased over the Internet. To be blunt and for many obvious reasons, this is dangerous on so many levels!

The people who perform injections are generally ignorant about the precise anatomy of the face, and have virtually no knowledge of the source or contents of the materials being injected.  The negative results from these home injections in the UK have been difficult to reverse, and have led to infection and even disfigurement.

In 2017, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued formal warnings to consumers about ordering injectable products such as dermal fillers over the Internet.  Many of these Internet products are counterfeit, can be contaminated, and are sold in direct violation of federal law.

These injections are medical procedures, and should only be done by experienced medical professionals.  Plus, if we medical professionals don't inject real Botox or fillers on ourselves (and to be clear, we don't), neither should you.

With that in mind, when you come to either office of Maine Laser Skin Care and Medi-Spa, you will only be treated with legitimate products purchased directly from the manufacturer.  You will also only receive injections from a trained medical professional who has performed hundreds of procedures every year and many thousands over their career.

John Burke MD has been treating patients with Botox and dermal fillers since 2003, and has over three decades of experience as a board certified physician.  Our other current injector is Christine Burke RN, who has also had multiple decades of nursing experience in multiple settings, and has been injecting Botox and fillers for over five years.

When you come to our office, we at Maine Laser Skin Care feel that you deserve the best treatment.  We treat you the way we would treat a family member.

We stand behind our work and are proud of it.  While our motto is "Beautifying Maine One Face (And Body) At A Time," we also live up to that motto while emphasizing safety and precision.

Please don't be tempted by Internet trends.  Put your confidence in our professionals, and you will not regret the choice.