Don't Neglect Your Decollete



In terms of skin care, many of our clients and patients justifiably give most of their attention to their face.  However, they frequently neglect the decollete area, which is the area of the skin that is just below the neckline and above the chesk.
The decollete area should receive special attention because of its unique characteristics that make it more prone to damage.  First of all, this area is often subjected to the same ultraviolet light exposure and environmental trauma as the face, especially during the summer when it is more exposed to the sun.
Secondly, the decollete skin is thinner than the face, has fewer oil glands, and is more prone to fluid loss and skin dryness.  This combination of factors cause the skin to show signs of aging faster and sooner than other areas.
Amazingly, even people who never neglect putting sunscreen on their faces often forget to apply any to the decollete area.  This oversight explains why we frequently see so much more early photoaging and sun damage in that location than even the face.
For milder sun damage and lighter discoloration or hyperpigmentation in the decollete area, we recommend applying a certain combination of a mild chemical peel and the use of topical products with antiaging peptides, such as our Skinceuticals Neck, Chest and Hand Repair.  Combined, these two products can restore a less damaged appearance and an increased youthful glow with more even skin tone.
If you have more extensive sun damage in that area, resulting in a more mottled appearance with hyperpigmentation and broken capillaries, we generally recommend laser therapies.  We can use a combination of wavelengths of laser light to collapse the redness of the damaged blood vessels and to target the pigmented areas to even out skin tone.  Longer wavelengths of laser can be used to tighten the skin and improve the texture of this delicate area.
After treating this decollete area to undo old damage, we at Maine Laser Skin Care always recommend our patients apply sunscreen to that area and the neck as an extension of their facial protection.  The addition of a firming and hydrating neck cream (e.g. the aforementioned Neck, Chest & Hand Repair) along with a vitamin C serum (e.g. Vitamin C Hydrating Mist, which is great for the summer, and/or C E Ferrulic) can help to continue to promote collagen production and correct and prevent free radical damage from the sun and the environment.
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