February 2020 Product of the Month


This February's Product of the Month is a very popular SkinCeutical treatment, the A.G.E. Eye Complex.  This remarkable product offers both short-term and long-lasting anti-aging benefits to the skin areas around the eyes because of its unique combination of ingredients:
  1. Optical diffusers help to disperse light, which reduces the appearance of dark circles and visible capillaries.
  2. Flavonoid and Peptide Complex also helps decrease the puffiness under the eyes by reinforcing firmness and tone to the area.
  3. Blueberry extract is a naturally-derived antioxidant and anti-glycation agent that helps to fortify the underlying skin matrix, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
  4. Proxylane helps to support the elasticity of the skin by restoring hydration and nutrients to the skin.

A.G.E. Eye Complex should be applied sparingly to the skin area under and around the eyes following the orbital bone.  Even though applying once or twice daily, as you should do, does not seem like it would be effective, a little really does go a long way in this case.

You will see a significant reduction in dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines around the eyes starting right away and improving steadily over time.  You can purchase this product on our website, or stop by either our Augusta ((207) 873-2158) or Scarborough ((207) 303-0125) offices to purchase your own jar first hand.