More Information On COVID Vaccines and Fillers

A recent misleading front page headline appeared in the Wall Street Journal before the holidays, and we would like to help clear up any confusion on the subject. The headline read, “Covid Shots Cause Botox Wrinkles: Cosmetic Work and Boosters Need Two-Week Gap”.

This headline is deceptive and untrue on several levels, as outlined in the article itself.  In fact, there have been NO cases of COVID vaccine interactions with Botox or any other non-filler cosmetic procedures!

Even the documented cases of unwanted side effects, interactions between dermal fillers and COVID vaccines have been extremely small in number. Research in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology estimates that fewer than 1% of patients experienced vaccine-associated post-treatment swelling in areas where they had filler injections.

When doctors first discovered the interaction in early 2021 as COVID vaccines were first rolling out, dermatologists advised a 2-week window between filler and COVID vaccine injections.  This time out period has sharply reduced the already small number of cases of this side effect.

Interestingly, the CDC does not mention any waiting periods between COVID vaccines and fillers.  Additionally, all of the major national dermatological and aesthetic organizations encourage patients NOT to put off getting their COVID vaccines due to fillers.

We at Maine Laser Skin Care also do not want people to delay their initial COVID vaccinations or boosters before receiving fillers.  Your first priority is to protect your health and that of your family. We can help you look better later.

Information about this relatively rare side effect has not slowed the popularity of Botox and fillers.  As the Wall Street Journal article in question noted, “many people are more aware of how their faces look on screen in what is now described as the Zoom effect.”  Demand for Botox and fillers have doubled over the past year, especially among the younger age groups.

As always, we at Maine Laser Skin Care have your back.  We keep up on the latest advances in aesthetic medicine to better serve our clients in southern and central Maine.

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