How Micro Needling Can Help

Micro needling has become a hot topic in skin care as of late.  Although skin care specialists know it as a valuable, skin-healing asset, many outside the skin care field are confused by all the various options available.

Basically, the principle of micro needling is that very tiny needles are used to create multiple puncture wounds in the top layers of the skin.  These countless tiny wounds cause a controlled injury, which signals your body to use its natural healing power of increased cell turnover, increased collagen, and elastin production to smooth skin texture.

This induced healing results in newer and healthier skin cells forming on the skin's surface, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and causing you to look more youthful and over time.  Although most commonly used on the face, micro needling can be done all over the body in any area that needs focused skin repair, including, but not limited to, the legs, arms, chest, and back.

Studies have also shown that micro needling can improve the appearance of all types of scars, although acne scars have been the most studied. As acne scars are generally deeper below the skin, they require deeper needle penetration that can only really be performed in a doctor's office.

Stimulating collagen growth and increasing cell turnover by the micro needling process can also reverse sun damage, pigmentations, and help to reduce pore size.  Older pigmented skin cells will exfoliate sooner and collagen stimulation around pores will shrink the pore opening, making them appear smaller and smoother.

The micro needling technique can also improve absorption of topical products, especially in the hours following the procedure. Most commonly, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants are used before and during a micro needling treatment.

Additionally, using platelet rich plasma (PRP) has been shown to supercharge collagen production.  This skin care treatment is commonly referred to as a Vampire Facial.

Micro needling has more than one method of choice, and the options vary from home versions called dermarollers (looks like a small paint roller, except covered with small needles) to in-office treatments that are performed by a nurse, aesthetician, or doctor. The major advantage of in-office micro needling is that it can be done in a sterile setting and the needles can penetrate deeper, resulting in much better and more evident skin tightening.

An exciting technology to enhance the basic micro needling process is called radio frequency micro needling, better known as Secret RF. In this technique, radio frequency waves are emitted from the tips of the needles when they are under the skin.

The Secret RF method results in further collagen induction deeper under the skin, causing the skin to tightening at multiple levels and more effectively smoothing any lines and wrinkles. We at Maine Laser Skin Care have found Secret RF to be particularly effective in areas of looser skin such as the neck and jowl areas of the lower face.

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