February Product of the Month

Over the past several years, we at Maine Laser Skin Care have carried a number of product kits that include several individual skin care products. Each item within a certain batch works well for a particular skin condition, such as acne, or for particular results, such as skin brightening or anti-aging.

This month, we are featuring our Age Reverse System Starter Kit, one of our best-selling skin care combinations. It includes products with anti-aging properties, and it is suitable for all skin types includes sensitive and post-laser procedure skin.

The Age Reverse System Starter Kit contains smaller unit versions of our standard Age Reverse System, making it perfect for traveling.  Less aggressive than the Skin Brightening System, this advanced anti-aging program is particularly ideal for those of us with thinner or more sensitive skin.

The components of the Age Reverse System Starter Kit are as follows:

  1. Chamomile Facial Cleanser (1 fl. oz.)- This product cleanses, soothes and hydrates even sensitive skin. It includes chamomile essential oil, peptides, and brown algae extract.
  2. C-Stem (0.5 fl. oz.)- This product improves deep lines and enlarged pores dramatically, which also helps to improve the brightness and texture of the skin.  Key ingredients include lilac stem cells, Vitamin C and marine extracts.
  3. Ultra Benefits Moisturizer (0.5 fl. oz.)- This product is a moisturizer that protects the skin from environmental aging caused by sun and pollution.   The product’s combination of the antioxidant Lipochroman and peptides visibly improve lines, wrinkles, and age spots.

The Age Reverse System Starter Kit is affordable at $75, and of appropriate size for a large purse. This kit is also small enough to allow you to pass through airport security without problems.

On a side note, our full size Age Reverse System Kit is for sale this month at $120, which is 20% off its original price. If that sale price is still outside your current budget, the Starter Kit allows you to try this combination without significant investment in excessive product.

The Age Reverse System Starter Kit is available at both of our offices in Augusta (12 Shuman Ave-Suite 7) and in Scarborough (438 US Route 1). You can also order the product by calling us in Scarborough at (207) 303-0125 or
in Augusta at (207) 873-2158, or order it online in our shopping cart.