Face It: Your Hands Also Show Your Age

All of us want to achieve a balance between aging gracefully and not looking older than our birthdate says we are.  For that reason, we give much of our attention from an aesthetic point of view to our faces.

Your face is, after all, what you see in the mirror every day.  However, even when we improve our facial appearance, our hands can actually reveal our real age.

Similar to the face, our hands are also exposed to the sun and environmental damage, and frequently don't get the kind of protection that the face does.  As a result, the skin on the back of the hands can show aging effects even before the face.

Any wrinkling and fine line crêpiness on the back of your hands are caused by collagen loss that comes with aging.  Sun and environmental damage just excelerate these aging effects.

While we here at Maine Laser Skin Care always advocate sunscreen use, hand washing and friction can prematurely remove sunscreen from this area of exposed skin.  Washing your hands is essential, but be sure to reapply sunscreen to your hands after drying them off.

On the face, we address specific areas with dermal fillers to lift lines by replacing volume under those areas.  On the hands, the wrinkling is more diffuse, so volume replacement techniques need to be different.

At Maine Laser Skin Care, we use Juvederm Voluma by a single injection method into the skin on the back of the hands.  Voluma is the thickest and most concentrated form of the Juvederm family of hyaluronic acid fillers from Allergan.

When treating the hands with Voluma, we make one puncture and then use a cannula (a thin metal tube with a blunt tip) to introduce the filler into the space under the skin.  Once introduced under the skin, the filler can be distributed evenly throughout the back of the hand, and even down into the back of the fingers if needed.

This use of filler is very effective in restoring volume to the back of the hands and reducing the appearance of crêpiness and wrinkles.  This method of using Juvederm results in youthful looking hands that are also, most importantly, natural looking.

Usually one syringe of Voluma is needed for each hand.  Even better, the results can last up to 2 years.

Just like the skin elsewhere on the body, lasers can be used to lighten and even eliminate age spots and sun-related discolorations from years of exposure. Our Excel V laser system can restore the skin of the hands by causing the more rapid exfoliation of pigmented skin cells, rendering a more youthful and less weathered appearance.

If you are tired of looking at the back of your hands and seeing a much older version of your skin, call us either at (207) 303-0125 in Scarborough, or at (207) 873-2158 in Augusta.  We can schedule you for a free consultation to see how we at Maine Laser Skin Care can restore your hands to match your youthful mindset and attitude.