September Product of the Month

We chose Maine Laser Skin Care’s Product of the Month specifically for September because it is a perfect treatment for the end of the summer.  This product, like many great things about autumn from pumpkin spice to colorful foliage, makes the end of summer feel far less harrowing, and brings about a feeling of excitement for the ensuing fall season.

C-STEM has the distinction of being this month’s highlighted product.  As its primary active ingredient, C-STEM contains vitamin C, which is well known as a powerful antioxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals that damage human cells.

Throughout the summer, your skin cells are bombarded by ultraviolet A and B rays from the sun.  Unfortunately, these UV rays produce such free radicals within the skin that cause visible damage to the skin’s surface over a period of years.

Applying C-STEM to your skin daily can protect your skin while also reversing sun-related darkening and discoloration.  What better time to repair any residual summer skin damage while brightening your skin simultaneously.

C-STEM comes in two convenient sizes and can be ordered online through our Maine Laser Skin Care website.  You can also purchase either size bottle by calling or visiting either of our locations in Augusta [12 Shuman Ave, Suite 7, (207) 873-2158] or Scarborough [438 US Route 1, (207) 303-0125].