What is Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine?

One of the many aspects of medical care that we love here at Maine Laser Skin Care is the continued research and progress to improve the lives of our patients and clients.  A new and evolving field of dermatology is emerging now that is being called regenerative aesthetic medicine.

This field of concentration has been rapidly growing and adding to the current procedures being done to help people look and feel better.  Regenerative aesthetics will not replace current procedures, but will most likely complement and enhance current techniques in the same way that combining Botox, fillers, and lasers can transform the facial aging process.

Currently, this field is exploring the many uses of platelet rich plasma (PRP) to stimulate improvements that current technologies cannot do on their own.  These areas include hair regrowth, reduction of scars, skin tightening, and wound healing.

As we have discussed in several previous blog post articles, PRP, when used in an area of treatment, releases a cascade of growth factors that activate dormant cells to promote healing, collagen production, and stimulate cell growth & proliferation.  This supercharging of the healing and rejuvenation process have numerous positive aesthetic benefits, include restoration of facial volume (Vampire Facelift) and stimulation of hair restoration (Vampire Hair Regrowth).

After simply drawing bloods into special tubes, a centrifuge is used to concentrate the platelets up to five times the normal concentration.  The final PRP product is placed in syringes and then used for regenerative purposes.

The PRP can be microneedled into the skin (Vampire Facial), directly injected into treated areas (Vampire Facelift and Hair Regrowth), or directly applied to the skin in other procedures (Secret RF with PRP).  PRP is also versatile in that it can be combined with hyaluronic acid fillers to produce an immediate and then a longer lasting benefit when used with our expertise at the Vampire Facelift.

In the future, there will be more aspects to regenerative aesthetic medicine as research proceeds.  Work is being done now on the use of stem cells derived from fat which may in the future enhance rejuvenation and anti-aging efforts.

As this field evolves, rest assured that Maine Laser Skin Care will stay on top of advances.  We will continue to bring the cutting-edge proven research to our clients in Maine and New England.