PRP is a Game Changer in Hair Loss Treatment

Maine Laser Skin Care has been a certified provider of Vampire aesthetic procedures since 2015, treating hundreds of patients with platelet rich plasma, or PRP, for multiple problems areas.  An area of PRP that has expanded steadily over the past several years has been its use for what we call Vampire Hair Regrowth.

Hair loss in both men and women is affected by multiple and complicated factors including genetics, hormone imbalances, stress, and, most recently, COVID-19.  In the case of the scalp, we are obviously trying to restore the previous hair thickness and density.

A recent aesthetic conference in August 2021 addressed hair loss and its treatments, with a special focus on the role of PRP.  Speakers at this conference discussed the fact that PRP use in hair regrowth is very effective and is of significant potential, as techniques improve and are combined with other hair treatments.

PRP is seen as part of the trend towards what is called regenerative medicine where we are trying to rejuvenate and restore previous level of function.  Much research is also ongoing about the use of nutraceuticals, which are dietary and vitamin supplements that can complement medical treatment and improve and magnify its effects.

In the area of hair regeneration, evidence shows that taking vitamin D, biotin, and a high-protein diet in addition to other active treatments such as PRP can collectively produce additive benefits than either treatment alone.  The combination approach has been proven to stem ongoing hair loss and help regrow hair.

We at Maine Laser Skin Care have the most experience with the use of PRP for hair regrowth in the state of Maine.  We have a track record of excellent results and very satisfied clients and patients.

If you, whether you are male or female, struggle with hair loss, call us at either of our offices for a free consultation.  We will see if we can help you with the latest in hair stimulatory therapy.