Lasers and Acne Therapy

Like prescription and over-the-counter medications, lasers have been used over the course of the past two decades to treat acne.  In fact, lasers have proven effective in challenging cases and with individual patient preference.

Many people want alternatives to using systemic medications.  After all, these types of treatments carry with them the possibilities of adverse reactions.

A nice feature of laser treatments for acne is that, especially for particular groups such as teenagers, you do not have to depend on the patient managing on a once or twice daily application of topical agents or ingestion of oral medication.  Rising concerns about antibiotic resistance have also led many in the skin care field to try to avoid previous widespread use of antibiotics for acne by using non-systemic treatments such as lasers.

We at Maine Laser Skin Care use the latest in laser technologies for treatment of acne.  The wavelength of laser energy used targets the sebaceous or oil glands under the skin.

The laser energy absorbed heats up the target gland, shrinking sebum or oil output.  Decreased sebum output results in smaller pore size and less material to be infected by skin bacteria that then cause inflammation and, eventually, the pimples and pustules that typify acne.

Recent medical studies have compared laser-treated acne patients to those treated with a sham, non-laser light therapy.  In the most recent study in 2020, patients in the sham group either did not improve or worsened.  In the active laser treatment group, patients showed decreased inflammation, decreased pimple count, decreased sebum production and decreased levels of natural chemicals that are indicators of underlying inflammation.

Protocols for laser treatment of acne have evolved over the past 20 years, but have shown steady improvement in the ability to treat this difficult condition without use of antibiotics or systemic therapies.  With 20 years of experience in the use of medical laser technology, Maine Laser Skin Care has a proven track record and thousands of satisfied acne patients.

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