Preparing for the Summer Sun

With the longest day of the year now behind us, the official beginning of summer is here. Even though we recommend some year-round protection from the sun, it is certainly even more important during the peak sun exposure months of the summer.

Sun protection actually has several different components. We discuss sunscreens and the topic of SPF, or sun protection factor, most commonly.

In general, SPF of 30 is a minimum to provide adequate protection. SPF levels above 50 provide additional protection, although in smaller percentage amounts. A key factor in the issue of sunscreen usage is also using enough sunscreen and reapplying.

Here at Maine Laser Skin Care, we generally recommend the use of mineral sunscreens that contain titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide. This type of sunscreen protects your skin by reflecting the rays of light away from the skin, and is considered a safer method of sun protection.

Another new area to consider is using protective clothing. There have been many new advances in providing UV protection in clothing and many popular manufacturers now offer these.

Here in Maine, L.L. Bean has a significant line of SPF clothing for your outdoor enjoyment. Over the years, the quality of these products has remained very high, and can be very effective and protecting from the sun, even after multiple washes.

Another important protective barrier is protection of the head and neck using hats and sunglasses. Again, there are a number of wide brim hats that have a UV protection built-in. Also, be sure that your sunglasses are rated as UVA and UVB protected.

As always, nothing of these suggestions will work if you don’t use them or use them properly.  Protect your skin every day, rain or shine. With sunscreen specifically, use it generously and reapply it every several hours when you are outdoors.

We here at Maine Laser Skin Care practice what we preach and use sunscreen every day.  We also carry several sunscreens that are very compatible with sensitive skin and after laser treatments.