PDO Threads Are Here!

Based on the title of this blog post, your first question may be: What are PDO Threads?  They are surgical, dissolvable sutures (i.e. stiches) that have been used in medicine and surgery for decades, but have been adapted to stimulate collagen production and to tighten skin.

PDO threads have a remarkable ability to reduce fine lines, elevate sagging skin, and improve the contour of he cheeks and jawline resulting in a more youthful look.  They can have immediate lifting effects while also building a stronger support system to improve skin texture.

Depending on the number of threads needed for a particular area, this treatment can be performed in less than an hour.  Visible results can be seen immediately after the procedure.

These results will be improved upon further over the next several months due to the threads stimulating new collagen production in the treated area.  The PDO threads will slowly dissolve over time, but the blatantly visible improvements will last for at least 12-18 months after the treatment.

While PDO threads have major strengths and advantages, we here at Maine Laser Skin Care can achieve even better outcomes when we combine your thread treatments with Botox, fillers, lasers, and/or micro needling.  Threads also allow flexibility to treat areas where filers and lasers might be risky, such as between the eyes and under the eyes.

During the procedure, a local anesthetic is used and can be performed without significant discomfort.  Following PDO threads, there may be some mild swelling and bruising, but people can return to normal activities immediately after the treatment.

Shannon Allen MD, with her background as a Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeon, is uniquely qualified to perform this procedure due to her expertise and experience with facial anatomy.  She is one of the only physician providers of PDO services in the state of Maine.

Threads and thread lifts can be an excellent option for those who want to improve their sagging skin and fine lines without surgery.  It is especially beneficial for those over 30 years old with mild to moderate skin laxity who want to prevent further facial sagging.

Now that PDO threads are here at Maine Laser Skin Care with the expertise of Dr. Allen, you may be asking yourself, "Are PDO threads for me?"  As always, we at Maine Laser Skin care offer free individualized and confidential consultations.

We can assess your skin concerns and come up with a plan to fit your individual needs.  Give us a call either in Augusta at (207) 873-2158 or in Scarborough at (207) 303-0125 to schedule your evaluation to see if you are a candidate for this exciting non-surgical alternative to fighting facial aging.