Less Common But Very Effective Uses of Botox


We at Maine Laser Skin Care have been using Botox to improve the appearance of our Maine patients and clients since 2003.  In fact, Dr Burke was one of the first Maine doctors to use Botox in the early 2000s for aesthetic purposes.

Without exaggeration, we are Botox-injection experts and are distinguished by our level of experience.  We also stand by our work.  If you have Botox injected at either one of our offices and the results are not to your expectation, we will be there to address the issue and correct it.

There are a number of areas where Botox can be used to achieve remarkable results, but are less common and require expertise and experience to perform correctly.  These are usually areas where we commonly get the reaction from clients along the lines of "I didn't know Botox could be used there."  They are the following:

  1. Bunny Lines- There is a small muscle on the upper part of each side of the nose that crinkles up and can leave lines, especially in people with very expressive faces.  Very small unit doses of Botox injected into that area can suppress that muscle and eliminate the so-called "bunny lines".
  2. Chin- There are actually 2 areas or muscles of the chin that Botox can address:
    • Corners of the Mouth- There is a muscle called the depressor angular oris, located on the left and right sides of the chin, that acts to pull down the corner of the mouth.  This muscle can aggravate the appearance of "marionette lines".  Again, small doses of Botox on either side of the chin can weaken that muscle and soften the lines coming from the corners of the mouth.
    • Pebble Chin- The mentalis muscle in the middle of the lower chin is usually very small and weak.  The stronger the mentalis muscle is in some people, the more the chin can appear to have a pebbly appearance.  Some people also call this a "golf ball" chin.  Several injections into this muscle can suppress a strong mentalis muscle and basically eliminate this look.
  3. Platysmal Bands- These are the strong muscles in the front of the neck that stick out and can make the area look very severe.  Small injections into these muscle bands can again soften that appearance and make the neck look younger and less strained.  These injections need to be very carefully done only by an expert in the use of Botox.  Botox that is improperly or excessively injected into these bands can cause respiratory and/or swallowing problems.
  4. Jaw- The muscles on each side of the jawline is called the masseter.  This muscle can be very strong in people who clench their jaws with stress, grind their teeth, or have TMJ.  When that muscle is stronger because of those activities, the masseter becomes thicker and more prominent resulting in a squaring of the lower face where it appears larger than normal.  For many years, we have used Botox in this area to help with TMJ symptoms and to decrease the dental effects of teeth grinding.  We have found that when the masseter is relaxed, the lower face appears thinner and more streamlined.

Hopefully this information will give you some ideas about other uses for Botox to improve your appearance.  When the coronavirus crisis abates and our offices eventually reopen, we expect that a backlog of Botox clients will want treatments.

Feel free to call us at (207) 873-2158 for our Augusta office or (207) 303-0125 for our Scarborough office to get in the queue.  When we open again in the (hopefully) near future, we can call you and get you first in line.

Meanwhile, please stay home and stay safe.  We will continue to try to educate all of our followers, patients, and clients through emails and social media so you can come out of this quarantine period more up-to-date than ever on aesthetic issues.  Remember, our goal continues to be to "Beautify Maine One Face (and Body) At A Time."