Crow's Feet Should Only Be For Crows

In our continuing series of blog posts about the benefits and attributes of Botox, we will next discuss those pesky lines that develop around the eyes that are commonly known as "crow's feet," or smile lines.  These lines start relatively early in life, and are usually associated with active smiling.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have experienced increased demand for Botox treatments in facial areas not covered by the obligatory masks.  Crow's feet, which are visible just above most mask coverage, have been one of the most popular Botox sites in this time of stress.

Over time, and combined with the long-term effects of sun exposure, the lines formed by smiling become deeper and fan out further, leaving a grooved appearance even when the smile is relaxed.  This phenomenon results in different patterns and extent of crow's feet from person to person.

The primary muscle that is responsible for crow's feet is a semicircular muscle that wraps around the eye known as the lateral orbicularis oculi.  Every individual is different in terms of which portions of this muscle are strongest when smiling.

When we use Botox to suppress crow's feet, we observe the pattern of muscle contraction with smiling, and then inject Botox based on the observed muscle action.  Some people will need a limited set of injection points, whereas others may require a more dispersed injection pattern.

Similar to forehead lines and the scowl lines between the eyes, the crow's feet lines will gradually recede the longer the localized muscle remains relaxed and if the effect is maintained with continued Botox use in the area.  Those with very animated faces will find that they need to keep up with the treatment schedule to maintain the relaxed look without these lines.

Once Botox works its magic, it's pretty amazing the effects it has on those who are treted.  Many women who have recently undergone Botox treatments for crow's feet gush when they tell us about being carded much more often when they are purchasing a bottle of wine.

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