Brazilians Turn to Botox to Wipe Away That Quarantine Frown

A front page headline from the October 26, 2020 edition of The Wall Street Journal showcased a certain phenomenon that we have been seeing at our Maine Laser Skin Care offices in Augusta and Scarborough.  The only difference is that the population in question is not comprised of New Englanders, or even Americans for that matter.

As with our Brazilian neighbors to the south, Mainers have found that mask wearing has brought increased and focused attention to the forehead and around the eyes.  The sub-headline is also true that "Demand soars as videoconferences and masks highlight wrinkles."

We have had many nurses and health care personnel from the local hospitals made this very point.  Although they are tired and stressed as we all are by this lengthy pandemic, they do not want to look that way.

After the 7-week lockdown period where both Maine Laser Skin Care offices were completely closed, we have noticed an incredible amount of interest in Botox particularly. Those who have had Botox treatment in the past especially expressed an initial pent-up demand.

Additionally, at Maine Laser Skin Care, we have an influx of new patients who don't like what they are seeing on their Zoom calls.  As one Brazilian sales executive said in this article, "It seemed like I was frowning the whole time. I ended up paying more attention to my face than the call."

Many more men are coming for treatments as well, increasing our gender distribution from 10% male to 20% within the past few months.  Videoconferencing is certainly a factor with men, but many have also received convincing from their wives or girlfriends after months of being locked down together.

As we have noted in previous blog posts, stress is also a major factor in the pandemic wrinkling phenomenon.  The hormone released by our bodies in response to stress is cortisol, which can adversely affect the body's supply of collagen by decreasing its production and even accelerating its removal over time.

So, Brazilians and Mainers are not too far apart in their desire to smooth out the COVID-induced wrinkles of the past year.  If you are interested in Botox as a solution to your tired, stressed look, or you want your pre-pandemic Botox treatment refreshed, call our offices in Scarborough at (207) 303-0125 or in Augusta at (207) 873-2158 to schedule a free consultation and an appointment.