Botox Helps the Upper Lip Too

Recent study results published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology have shown that Botox is effective in enhancing the appearance of the upper lip.  The initial purpose of the study was to see if Botox could enhance lip fullness without having to use fillers.

The study participants were men and women with an average age of 28.7 years who had not previously had any Botox treatments.  The researchers injected Botox injections directly into these participants' upper lip in an area known as the vermillion border, which is the line between the pink and lighter skin tones.

To analyze the results, 3-D photos were taken before the injections and 2 weeks after.  The researchers evaluated lip fullness by measuring multiple parameters of the upper lip surface area, and then comparing them before and after.

After the Botox treatments, measurements showed shorter distance from the nose to the upper lip vermillion border as well as taller upper lip vermillion.  This apparent growth resulted in the appearance of increased upper lip vermillion surface area and therefore more lip fullness with the pink part of the lip looking bigger.

In addition to this "Lip Flip" technique, Botox can also be used in the upper lip to reduce lines formed when the lips are pursed.  The benefit is most useful before those so-called "smoker's lines" are deep and imprinted on the lip.

Also, the location of the Botox injections is different than the "Lip Flip," and is in very low doses.  For deeper and imprinted lines that can be seen at rest, a lip filler such Juvederm Volbella is the best choice.

Although Botox is still predominantly used in the upper face to suppress wrinkles between and around the eyes and in the forehead, judicious use of low dose Botox in precise areas, especially in the upper lip, can achieve increased lip fullness, even reduction of lip lines, and delay the necessity of lip fillers.

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