Allē Flash is a Gas!

If you haven't been to our offices in the past few months, the recent Allē program from Allergan Aesthetics, the makers of Botox, Juvederm, and other skin health products, may be news to you.  The Allē rewards program has added a component known as Allē Flash, and it is quite a hit at both our Scarborough and Augusta offices.

It is basically a QR code that you will scan on your phone when you come in to either of our offices.   This simple code can instantly qualify you for Allē savings in addition to whatever points you may have accumulated previously.

Allē Flash is sort of like a lottery scratch ticket.  When you use it, you may either get no rewards at all, a small consolation such as $5, or sometimes a lot of rewards.

One patient at our Augusta office last week received $500 off her Botox and Juvederm treatment total just from scanning that QR code.  As you might imagine, she was thrilled!

With apologies to the Rolling Stones and Jumpin' Jack Flash, we at Maine Laser Skin Care truly believe that this new Allē promotion device is a gas!  You can try it any and every time you come in for any Allergan product service including Botox, all Juverderm fillers, Kybella, Latisse, Diamond Glow facials, and CoolSculpting.

We look forward not only to beautifying you, but also saving you money at the same time.  A true win-win!