Why We Don't Do Botox Parties (and Neither Should You)

Before the pandemic, many of our patients and clients frequently asked us here at Maine Laser Skin Care about Botox parties.  Now, with the burgeoning vaccination numbers and increasing confidence among consumers, the question has reemerged more recently about this dispensing of Botox in the home setting, rather than in a controlled medical office environment.

Once we explain our philosophy, most clients understand and are relieved.  Since that question is out there in circulation, we thought we would outline our approach here for all to see.

First of all and most importantly, the injection of Botox is a medical procedure.  It is when this fact is ignored or downplayed that potential problems with Botox can occur.

Just like most other medical procedures, Botox injections are best done in a controlled setting with appropriate medical backup or equipment available.  This environment is obviously not accessable in an average person's living room or kitchen.

As with all elective medical situations, safety has to be the highest priority.  The "party" atmosphere does not lend itself well to safety as a priority.

Another important component of medical procedures is confidentiality, which we take very seriously here at Maine Laser Skin Care.  No one should know what you are having done for aesthetic or other reasons unless you explicitly want them to know.

While some people are very upfront and transparent on their use of Botox and other aesthetic treatments, many others want to keep that information private, as is their right.  Frankly, there is no ability to maintain confidentiality in a Botox party setting.

Having heard about some of the Botox parties that have circulated in different parts of Maine and the U.S., we here at Maine Laser Skin Care also have significant concerns about follow-up, especially if the treatments do not meet the client's expectations.  We always stand behind our work, and that principle is extremely important to us.

We have had patients tell us stories of going to Botox parties where the injector had just taken a course on Botox and was primarily hosting these parties to gain experience.  Others have had problems with their Botox or filler injections in the weeks after the party, and then were not able to contact the provider for follow-up of their issues.

Both of these anecdotes contain serious red flags.  One recent egregious episode highlighted in the media occurred when the provider/injector of the Botox was drinking alcohol at the party, was reported to the state medical authorities, and it turned out that he was not even a trained medical professional of any kind.

Several states, including most recently Nevada, have banned Botox outside of medical office settings for just these reasons.  Buyer beware.

For the sake of safety and confidentiality, we here at Maine Laser Skin Care do not host Botox parties outside of our offices.  However, if there are a group of friends who all agree to come to the office at the same time, we host what we call an Evening of Beauty.

During this special event, multiple procedures can be done in a controlled and safe setting.  In that instance where friends or family agree to come together, confidentiality is less of an issue.

We hope that based on this article, you decide not to succumb to the social pressures of a Botox party.  If you decide to do so, ask lots of questions about the injector's credentials and level of experience, malpractice insurance coverage, and how to follow up with them if you have concerns after the treatment.

If you want an incredibly safe Botox treatment in the right settings, call our offices to set up an appointment with some of the most experienced injectors of Botox in Maine and New England. You can reach us either in Scarborough at (207) 303-0125 and in Augusta at (207) 873-2158.