What Can I Do About My Dimpled Chin?

Several people every month ask me about their dimpled chins and how to get rid of them.  With the increased usage of selfies and Zoom calls these days, more and more people are seeing their own faces as others see them.

Many people cause their chins to wrinkle without being consciously aware of it, such as while concentrating or when they talk.  This dimpling effect is caused by the contraction of very small muscles in the chin called the mentalis muscles.

Each side of the chin has one mentalis muscle. It is also the muscle responsible for pulling down the lower lip to produce a pout.

In some people, the chin bone itself is underdeveloped.  Others who have lost weight find that the previous subcutaneous fat in the area overlying the mentalis muscles is reduced, contributing to a more dimpled appearance.

The solution to dimpled chins is to slightly weaken the mentalis muscle on each side with small doses of Botox injected precisely and symmetrically.  The injections need to be precisely located so as not to affect the lower lip.  The only risk would be lower lip drooping, which is rare in an experienced injector's hands.

So, now you know the answer to the title question.  It's not a major aesthetic problem, but again, in the age of Zoom and selfies, it can be distracting and embarrassing.

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