Summer Is Here! Protecting Your Skin is Non-Negotiable

We here at Maine Laser Skin Care preach year-round about the importance of protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.  During the summer months, as it is commonly known, when the northern hemisphere is tilted toward the sun and our days are longer, the levels of ultraviolet radiation from the sun hits a peak.

Since the weather is warmer, we tend to be outside more often and have more skin exposed to the sun.  As a result, it is even more important for you to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen every day and reapply it after every 2 hours you are out in the sun.

We recommend our line of sunscreens that we keep in stock at both of our offices and online due to their broad spectrum blocking both UVA and UVB through physical and not chemical means.  In particular, Ultra Replenishing Sunscreen SPF 40 is a tinted formulation containing antioxidants and botanicals, in addition to physical blockers to allow shielding for all skin types.  For those who may be traveling to tropical areas sometime soon, this sunscreen is also rated as reef-safe.

In addition to blocking out the oxidative damage caused by the sun, it is also important to use antioxidants to neutralize any potential damage that gets through.  Favorites in our office include Ultra Benefits Creme, which is a very potent antioxidant, and Vita Soothe, which has vitamins E and F to fortify dry skin.

As we all know, one of the most damaging effects the sun causes is hyper pigmentation, or dark spots on the skin.  Our Excel V laser is an excellent choice to target the pigmented cells within those spots, causing exfoliation of these layered cells and progressive lightening over a series of treatments.

For a topical and at-home choice, we recommend the Skin Brightening System. It is a very effective 3-step program that helps to restore skin brightness and radiance.

Mistakes do happen.  You may not apply sunscreen on a cloudy summer day, or you forget to reapply at the beach and unfortunately, you get a sunburn.  In times like these, it is important to have a game plan.

First and foremost, when you feel yourself getting burned, cover up and get out of the sun.  Cooling the skin with cool compresses will help remove heat from the skin and reduce blistering.

Another soothing measure is to use an aloe based gel that is chilled in a refrigerator or cooler.  It will cool, soothe, and feel good simultaneously.

We are not trying to spoil your fun.  Really, we want to protect your skin from the aging effects against which we are all fighting.

Use your sunscreen every day, but most especially in the summer.  Have a skin care regimen that you can use daily to neutralize the ill effects of sun damage.

If your skin is exposed to too much sun, implement the plan of covering up, cooling off, and soothing your skin. These three simple steps will limit the burning effects of too much sun too quickly.

If you have any skin care questions, especially about the sun's effects, feel free to call us with your queries or schedule an appointment to receive a free and confidential analysis of your skin.  For our Scarborough office, call (207) 303-0125, and for our Augusta office, call (207) 873-2158.  Stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you soon.