Rejuvenate Around Your Eyes with PRP

According to a recent study from the University of Rome, platelet rich plasma, better known as PRP therapy, is being used more frequently and plays a prominent role in treatment for Periorbital or around the eye rejuvenation.  In this study, the researchers reviewed many of the commonly-used non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment therapies to improve appearance around the eyes.

The most common cosmetic concerns in the Periorbital area include wrinkling, discoloration, and development of tear troughs.  Some of the therapies researched in this study included topicals such as eye creams, dermal fillers, laser, and of course, PRP therapy.

While PRP therapy is increasingly being used for skin and hair conditions in such signature treatments as Vampire face lifts and Vampire hair restoration, it is quickly growing in popularity as a treatment to achieve skin rejuvenation around the eyes. Other studies confirm that PRP stimlutes skin rejuvenation by increasing the number of cells that produce collagen, and vitalizing those cells to produce more collagen.

The collagen stimulation caused by the PRP being injected around the eyes results in high levels of secretion of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is the building block of your skin’s collagen. All of these factors have a positive effect on skin quality, and result in a decrease in the visible signs of skin aging.

Particularly in the area around the eyes, even modest increases in collagen production can create significant improvements in appearance.  After all, the skin around the eyes is typically thinner and shows signs of aging earlier than other more thickened areas of skin.

One additional advantage of PRP, other than its ability to enhance rejuvenation, is that it could be used in combination with other procedures, such as lasers, Botox, and fillers.

Data from the University of Rome study also shows that PRP-related procedures decrease healing time, and can enhance overall healing of this thinner periorbital skin, especially when it is recovering from other procedures.  In our extensive experience with the use of PRP here at Maine Laser Skin Care, we have seen significant improvements in skin appearance around the eyes in terms of color, texture, and volume.

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