Muscle Bands in the Neck

Many people have very prominent vertical bands of muscle in their necks.  These muscles can be seen while at rest, and are made more prominent with neck tightening moves or with jaw opening.

These muscle bands are called platysmal bands.  They form by the gradual thickening of the neck muscles over time.

First, an anatomy lesson:  The platysmal muscle is usually a very thin muscle just under the surface of the skin of the neck.  It starts in the clavicle (collar bone) and attaches to the mandible (jaw bone) and lower face.

Early in life, this muscle looks like a continuous sheet of thin muscle.  Over time and with age, the muscle tends to thicken in the more central areas of the neck, resulting in the vertical band appearance.  This thickening is especially notable in people with thin necks, thin skin, or very low body fat.

For those who do not like that rather severe look that patysmal bands cause on the neck, there is a solution in the form of Botox.  Botox can be injected into the thickened muscle of the bands to relax these areas, preferentially without affecting the overall function of the platysma.  The amount of Botox needed will vary from person to person depending on the relative strength of the platysma in the individual.

The dosage of each Botox injection generally varies from 2.5 to 5 units per injection site.  Depending on the length of the bands and their muscular strength, the total dosage can vary from 15 to 45 units per band.

Care must be taken so as not to inject too close to jawline and affect the lower facial muscles.  Overaggressive use of Botox in the platysmal bands can also affect swallowing and singing, so we at Maine Laser Skin care would rather start low and then build up in dosage as needed.

Botox for the treatment of neck banding can be very effective at preventing the severe or gaunt appearance that platysmal bands can give to the neck.  As we have discussed, an experienced administrator needs to inject Botox in this area for the best results and the least risk.

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