Low Maintenance Secrets to Beauty

A recent Wall Street Journal article outlined several time-saving ways to use beauty treatments to simplify morning routines and roll out of bed looking “more put-together”.  While at first it may seem like a splurge, we perform many of the office procedures that are outlined in that article right here at Maine Laser Skin Care.

Once you undergo one of these treatment options, they can help you look more refreshed and rested, and over an extended period of time.  For instance, advanced uses of Botox can produce many of these refreshed looks, and for a period of 3-6 months or more if maintained.

For those who want a fuller look to their lips without the use of fillers, the “lip flip” is the procedure of choice.  By having small amounts of Botox injected into the tiny muscles that depress or hold down the upper lip, these muscles become more relaxed, resulting in a slight upward curvature of the top lip.

As more of the pink portion of the upper lip is exposed, it gives the optical illusion of a larger pout without actually adding more volume to the lip.  This effect generally last about 3-6 months, and holds off the time when fillers might be necessary.

Lip flips are very cost effective, ranging from $75-$150 per treatment.  Additionally, most women who have this procedure done no longer feel the need for lip liner.  Their usual lipstick or lip gloss also stands out more and looks more dramatic.

Another use of Botox in experienced hands will help to lift the brows. Some call this treatment a chemical (or non-surgical) brow lift, as it involves injecting small amounts of Botox precisely into the muscles that hold down or depress the eyebrows.

Using this chemical method, raising the arch of the eyebrows even 1-2 millimeters can help open the eyes enough to give a refreshed look.  The brow lift use of Botox can be used also to even out asymmetry that sometimes occurs naturally between eyebrows.

This brow lift can also reduce somewhat sagging of the upper eyelids, and hold off the time when upper eyelid blepharoplasty surgery may be needed.  Brow lift Botox can also last 3-6 months, but requires more units than the lip flip due to the treatment of stronger muscles.

You can trust the experts at Maine Laser Skin Care with the more advanced uses of Botox and other non-invasive aesthetic medical procedures.  Dr. Burke has treating patients with Botox since the dawn of its FDA approval 20 years ago.

All other of our staff who inject Botox has been personally trained and mentored by Dr. Burke in his signature techniques in this burgeoning filed of aesthetic dermatology.  Call our Augusta office at (207) 873-2158, or our Scarborough office at (207) 303-0125 to schedule your free consultation and see how we can help you look better with fuller lips, bolder brows, and more.