Introduction to Botox as a Wonder Drug

At Maine Laser Skin Care, we have been administering Botox since 2003, and are the most experienced and prolific injectors of Botox in the state of Maine.  Over the years, the popularity of Botox has exploded and has become a household word.

Millenials think of getting Botox for the smallest of facial lines the same way they think of getting their nails done:  they see it as a maintenance item in their beauty regimen.  And why not?

Botox treatments are safe, effective, quick, and carry very little risk with little to no downtime.  That is why every year in the 2000s, Botox has been the most common cosmetic procedure performed in the world, and it continues to grow.

Until the advent of Botox, most early treatments for facial lines and wrinkles involved significant surgery such as facelifts, or had potential for unwanted side effects.  In that sense, Botox has been revolutionary.  It can literally take years of aging-appearance off your face.

When Botox was first introduced in the US, many considered it to be only a luxury item used by Hollywood celebrities and the rich & famous.  Today, due to widespread media exposure and word-of-mouth satisfaction, Botox is now a beauty staple of all who want to restore a refreshed look on their faces.

Here at Maine Laser Skin Care, we see women and men of all lines of work (no pun intended).  They simply come in to our office, have a relatively quick session, and begin looking naturally younger and more relaxed within several days.  While Botox is not for everyone and not for all skin aging issues, the vast majority of Botox clients are thrilled with their results.

Due to an excellent track record of patient satisfaction, Botox usage here at Maine Laser Skin Care has grown by double digit percentages every year.  As a result, we are not only one of the top Botox practices in Maine and New England, but also in the top ranks in the country.

Over the years, there has been competition for Botox in the pharmacologic category of neuromodulators, which are drugs that affect how muscles respond to nerve stimulation.  These rival brands have had such names as Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau among others.

We have tried them all, and there are fairly minimal and slight differences in each of these products that we have compared.  However, in terms of brand recognition and track record in safety and efficacy, there is really no real competition to Botox, and that is why Maine Laser Skin Care sticks with Botox as the gold standard.

If you are curious to see if you are a candidate for this modern day wonder drug by the name of Botox, call our conveniently-located offices in Scarborough at (207) 303-0125 or Augusta at (207) 873-2158 for a free consultation.  If we determine that you are a candidate, we can usually do the Botox treatment the same day. It's that easy.