Introducing Skinvive, the First and Only Injectable to Improve Skin Smoothness!

Allergan, the makers of Botox and Juvederm, has recently unveiled its newest product to improve skin care.  Skinvive is a smooth gel that will be injected as microdroplets just below the skin surface.

Skinvive is not a filler in the true sense, although it is composed of hyaluronic acid, or HA. Because it is a modified form of HA, it helps to restore the skin to its natural smoothness while also helping the skin retain its natural levels of moisture.

We are all born with a large amount of HA under the skin, and our bodies produce more up until we are about 30 years old.  As we age further, our skin loses hyaluronic acid, which is a major factor in the hydration and smoothness of the skin.

A typical Skinvive treatment session will last 15 minutes after initial topical numbing cream is applied to the skin.  The smoothing and hydrating results will last up to 6 months, and is approved for all skin types.

In medical studies and through experience with the product in Europe and Canada, Skinvive has also been shown to have high patient satisfaction.   These same patients also report glowing, hydrated, and refreshed looking skin for at least 6 months following the treatment.

As one of the first providers in Maine to use this treatment, our early experience with Skinvive is that patients note a glow within the first few days following injection.  These same patients also reported a general feeling of smoothness in the treated area for up to 6 months after their initial procedure.

For the month of October, we will be offering special pricing for Skinvive and will have limited openings for this special. Videos and photos of Skinvive treatments will be available on this website and our social media accounts soon.

Call us either in Augusta at (207) 873-2158 or in Scarborough at (207) 303-0125.  You can schedule a free consultation and lock in the special introductory pricing on this exciting cutting edge skincare treatment, Skinvive!