In Skin Cancer Awareness Month, Know the ABCDEs of Detection

Like many forms of cancer, skin cancer is most treatable if it is identified and detected early.  In May in particular, as we are soon to reveal more of our skin to the environment, look for the early warning signs of skin cancer.

A self-exam can alert your primary care doctor or dermatologist to assess any suspicious areas.  Detection can be as simple as knowing your ABCs:

  1. is for Asymmetry.  Early skin cancers will frequently have an irregular or asymmetric appearance.
  2. is Border.  Rather than being regular and smooth, skin cancers will have borders that are poorly defined or irregular.
  3. is for Color.  Skin cancers will frequently have variations in color from one part of the lesion to another with different shades of brown, tan, black, or blue.
  4. is Diameter.  An increase in diameter of the suspicious skin lesion over time can indicate that it may be cancerous, spreading on and below the surface of the skin.
  5. is Evolution.  If a skin lesion looks like it is changing in any of the aforementioned ways (e.g. border, color, size), or it is distinctly different from other moles, it may be undergoing a cancerous change.

We at Maine Laser Skin Care (or at your health care provider's office) do not expect you to be skin care experts.  However, you know your skin the best, and can alert us of any changes of concern.

May is designated as Skin Cancer Awareness Month to keep self-examination of your skin at the forefront of your mind.  While our personnel work every day to help you to look better with our advanced skin care technologies, we are also concerned about your health.

If we see suspicious lesions that need further evaluation such as biopsy, we will alert you.  If you find lesions you would like assessed, we can certainly perform an initial evaluation and refer you on to the appropriate provider.