Fighting Against Aging Hair

As both men and women age, hair loss becomes a top concern.  Hair thinning and loss are caused by a number of factors, including decreased circulation to the scalp and the declining ability of the body to repair damaged hair over time.

Another factor in hair loss with age is caused by a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. DHT causes hair loss by actually attacking the hair follicles and causing them to become smaller and more brittle.  With less repair ability, the small and brittle hairs eventually fall out.

In women, DHT hair loss occurs primarily at the temples and then later in the central parts of the scalp.  In men, DHT hair loss initially begins at the crown of the head, and later in the frontal area.

Over-the-counter supplements such as vitamin D and biotin can provide some help to maintain waning restoration of hair.  Topical Rogaine can also help block the local effects of DHT.

As noted in previous articles in the Maine Laser Skin Care blog, injected PRP, or platelet rich plasma, can also stimulate hair follicle growth.  We have had great results with that method.

Now, however, we are proud to be the first medi spa in Maine and one of the first in New England to introduce a pain-free, injection-free method for hair restoration called Alma TED (transepidermal delivery). This ultrasound based technology increases scalp circulation in the first phase of the treatment, and then delivers a scalp growth stimulator serum deep within the scalp by way of pain-free ultrasound.

With PRP, there is some pain with injections, and some downtime of scalp redness and swelling.  The Alma TED is far more comfortable with a warming sensation to the scalp only.

An added bonus with Alma TED is that, unlike PRP, there is no downtime.  You can have the treatment and go out shopping immediately afterwards without concern about downtime appearance.

We have been using this Alma TED method long enough to see excellent results.  Both men and women have reported both thicker existing hair and stimulation of new hair growth.

The new year is a great time to start the process of growing thicker and newer hair in already-thinning areas.  We have this treatment available at both offices in Augusta and Scarborough.

Call as soon as possible, as this treatment will continue to book up fast.  Local hair stylists within both communities have been referring their clients to us who have hair thinning as their main issue.

Call us either in Augusta at (207) 873-2158, or in Scarborough at (207) 303-0125.  You can schedule your free consultation with us to start your journey to thicker and healthier hair in 2023.