Cool Month Fun Facts

At Maine Laser Skin Care, we have performed more CoolSculpting Elite treatments than any other medical spa in the state of Maine.  Our CoolSculpting experts know fat freezing better than anyone else.

A number of years ago, we started out with the original Legacy CoolSculpting device.  Now, we have the newest advances in fat reduction technology in the form of CoolSculpting Elite at both our Augusta and Scarborough offices.

Our patients have been raving about their results with this new version of CoolSculpting.  Now, with April being designated as Cool Month again this year, you can try this exciting permanent fat reduction technology for yourself with special pricing and giveaways as an added bonus.

Here are some of the things folks love best about Coolsculpting Elite:

  1. More Fat Reduction - With the new design of the Elite, more fat tissue is drawn up into the applicator, allowing 20-25% of stubborn fat pockets to be removed with each treatment.  These numbers represent the best fat removal statistic on the market!
  2. More Skin Coverage - With the largest Elite applicator size, 18% more skin is treated compared with the earlier versions.  This advancement in coverage allows more fat to be treated in the same treatment time.  You get more fat reduction per treatment without any additional cost.
  3. Ongoing Research and Development - The CoolSculpting Elite itself is the result of over 10 years of R&D to improve upon the already widely used and effective fat freezing treatment.  This device is more compact, more comfortable, and provides superior fat freezing in a shorter time frame.
  4. 9 Treatment Areas - From your neck to your stomach to your thighs, virtually every area of stubborn and difficult to remove fat can be targeted.  Your treatments can be customized to fit your needs and your body.
  5. Visible Results Promise - Maine Laser Skin Care is the only practice in Maine that has a Visible Results Promise!  This promise means that if you fulfill the treatment plan we outline for your fat removal needs, you stay within 3 pounds of your starting weight, and visible results are still not seen, we will re-treat you for free.

In addition to the special pricing packages available for the Cool Month of April, you will also receive a free gift just for coming in for your always-free consultation to discuss possible treatments.  Even if you decide not to commit to a CoolSculpting treatment, the gift is yours to keep.

Cool Month appointments for consultations and treatments will fill up fast at both offices, so call soon to grab your spot.  Remember, our numbers are (207) 873-2158 in Augusta, and (207) 303-0125 in Scarborough.