Introducing DiamondGlow

Social media has been blowing up about the new facial sensation called DiamondGlow.  We have installed this revolutionary new skin treatment process in our Scarborough office, and soon it will be added to our Augusta office as well.

If you are not familiar with it, DiamondGlow is an unique face and body treatment that leaves your skin feeling deeply clean, well hydrated, and even glowing after just one treatment.  DiamondGlow uses a patented 3-in-1 system that exfoliates away roughened and dry skin gently with a diamond tip, suctions up oil, dirt, & makeup within your pores, and then infuses specific serums deeply into the skin all simultaneously.

This DiamondGlow system allows the aesthetician to customize your treatment to your individual skin needs.  The diamond tip can be selected for the specific degree of exfoliation needed for your skin.

The degree of vacuum can also be adjusted to unclog the deepest pores, while also treating delicate skin around the eyes and lips.  In a similar fashion, infused hydrating serums can be customized specifically for your skin condition, allowing the aesthetician to infuse a serum that is just right for your unique skin.

These serums are infused simultaneously while the skin is also being exfoliated, allowing for maximum penetration of the serums and therefore maximum results.  In this way, the serums will not just hydrate, but will also be highly effective by remaining within the skin for 72 hours due to deep penetration.

DiamondGlow is also a great option for preventing the signs of aging, as increased hydration and exfoliation brightens the skin's appearance while also addressing skin texture.  This treatment can also be adjusted so that it is gentle enough to treat very thin and delicate skin in areas such as the eyelids, undereye, and lips.

Plus, DiamondGlow is a great adjunct to other aesthetic procedures such as laser, chemical peels, and micro needling.  Post-procedure, the treatment enhances lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness around the eyes and cheeks.

Most of all, DiamondGlow is very comfortable to experience with your skin feeling cleansed, gently plumped, and hydrated.  After just one treatment, you will be glowing from the inside out.

Since it is such a gentle process on your skin, DiamondGlow repeat treatments can be done as soon as 1-2 weeks apart.  As a result, you can safely get a treatment just prior to a big event without worrying about downtime.

In summary, the 3-step process of DiamondGlow's technology gently exfoliates, extracts, hydrates, and infuses the skin in one simple treatment.  You will see moisturized dewy brighter skin with further improvements following each subsequent treatment.

Studies have shown that 95-100% of people who have DiamondGlow report immediate satisfaction.  Some of these same people have noted that their skin is "deep clean" as well as "more firm and more radiant".

If you want to experience the glow of the DiamondGlow treatment, please call our Scarborough office at (207) 303-0125 to schedule your appointment.  Openings are going fast.

Even before this official announcement, word of mouth had already spread, and calls are coming in daily. There will be a lag time before DiamondGlow will be available in Augusta because of supply chain issues, but we will be making another announcement when it eventually arrives.