Beware of Cheap Botox - You Get What You Pay For

On April 16th, 2024, the United States Food and Drug Administration issued an alert to health care professionals that unsafe and counterfeit versions of Botox have been found in multiple states and administered for cosmetic purposes.  All of these products appeared to have been purchased from unlicensed sources.

In addition, the FDA is aware of adverse side effects linked to this counterfeit Botox.  With this post, we assure you that Maine Laser Skin Care always has and always will buy our Botox from the official Allergan Abbvie source.

Even though buying from the official channels can be more expensive, we believe that your safety is our paramount duty.  In fact, one of the indications for consumers of possible counterfeit Botox use is if the product is significantly less expensive than usual pricing in the community.

In our experience in Maine, any so-called Botox that is priced $10 or less per unit is suspect.  Ordering medical products over the internet from international sources to get a better price should be a big red flag.  It also should be no surprise that many of the sources of the counterfeit Botox are from China.

The FDA has given providers a list of various characteristics to distinguish counterfeit from FDA-approved Botox.  There is absolutely every indication that the genuine Botox is safe and effective in the hands of trained and licensed providers.

Additionally, consumers should be able to ask if the Botox with which they are about to be injected has been received from an authorized source.  They also have a right to know if the injector is in fact licensed to administer Botox, in addition to their level of training and experience.

Obviously, the old adages of “buyer beware” and “you get what you pay for” apply here.  For over 20 years, from the dawn of Botox’s FDA approval, Maine Laser Skin Care has provided safe and effective Botox to become one of the best and busiest medical aesthetics offices in the state of Maine and in New England.

Rest assured that your safety is our highest priority.